I am an ASEA independent associate. based in Alaska. And am able to provide our rejuvenating ASEA Redox Water to customers all over the world. We want to provide our clients with a non-toxic, healthy alternative supplement drink. Our ASEA Redox water works on a cellular level to restore and rejuvenate cells. Through our healthy supplement, you can enjoy the optimal health you’ve always wanted.

Our busy lives keep us on a constant search for better concentration, better focus, more energy, better sleep, less inflammation, greater strength. Whatever it takes to perform better and feel younger in our daily life. Why then, do so many of us choose health products that don’t actually help our health?

How well our cells are functioning relates directly to our well-being and the amount of energy we have.

Every cell in our body relies on a redox signaling messengers. To help our cells that help rejuvenate, protect, and restore cells.

Millions of people in Alaska and around the world suffer from weak immune systems, unhealthy inflammatory response, cardiovascular issues, digestive complaints, and hormone imbalance. These challenges may result from age or environmental factors such as stress, diet, and even the air we breathe. In fact, current research shows that some lifestyle choices can actually turn off genes, affecting all systems of the body.

Global wellness trends in five broad areas of health reflect this cellular breakdown.

Immune System
As many as 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease. Symptoms can affect all organs.

Hormone Modulation
Hormone imbalances, affecting the production of key sex hormones, account for billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Inflammatory Response
Chronic inflammation, often triggered by stress, is linked to almost all major causes of disease death in the United States.

Digestive Function
Digestive diseases are the second leading cause of disability due to illness in the United States.

Cardiovascular System
One in every three deaths in the United States has cardiovascular disease listed as the underlying cause.

A Cellular Health Breakthrough

Combine stress, environmental toxins, poor diet, and the effects of aging together, and we find ourselves with weakened immune defenses and declining cellular function. This is causes a process called oxidative stress. Declining cellular function directly correlates to our body’s ability to maintain the correct balance of redox signaling molecules.

ASEA Alaska has created the only cutting-edge technology of its kind, with the ability to create and stabilize redox signaling molecules in a consumable liquid form. It is a patented technology that turn’s on your body’s ability to heal itself.

Whatever your health needs may be, ASEA Redox is proven to improve the function of every system in your body (heart, brain, skin, nerves, organs and eyes) and bring your cellular communication to its optimal level. Don’t wait any longer, start right now.



No one else offers what Asea Redox in Alaska does, our Redox Water and Redox gel  is one of a kind. It’s protected by multiple patents, and stands alone in its category.

Which means Asea Redox  is: A health product that impacts your bodies cellular health in a positive way the second you start using it. A new product that is innovating the way your body produces energy, activates antioxidants and work the way that it’s meant to. Only available in one way: right from the source, ASEA.

Trying ASEA Alaska Redox water gives you nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give it a try and see what you’re missing!

RENU 28 earned a world renowned dermatologist’s highest possible commendation, the prestigious 5-star clinically tested seal.


It only takes four ounces per day of ASEA Redox water  day to restore something native to your body- the same redox signaling molecules created in your body naturally in the cell’s mitochondria, the exact kind of redox signaling molecules you create yourself, but in the quantities you need for optimum health.

Since the molecules found in ASEA Alaska redox water are already present in your body, your cellular function will be enhanced so you can reach peak health and wellness. The supplement is 100% safe for your body and is completely nontoxic.

The number of people benefiting from improved cellular health is in the hundreds of thousands, and you could join them in no time at all. ASEA Redox water is proven to make positive changes in blood serum biomarkers in as little as 24 hours, starting within the first 30 minutes. As soon as you consume it, the positive effects will begin working and will continue to improve your cellular health all day, every day.

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ASEA Alaska does not discriminate, no matter your gender, age, or genetic factors. ASEA Redox Supplement will give your body what it needs to be healthy and active, by simply consuming as little as four ounces a day. Our supplement strengthens your body’s ability to stay healthy while also enhancing your cellular function from the inside out.