“My daughter was recently diagnosed with a malignant and an invasive kind of disease on her breast after undergoing series of tests and biopsis.

I forced her to take ASEA – the Redox Signaling Molecules and apply Renu 28 on her breasts, couple of weeks before she had her first operation. The big lump or mass together with some smaller ones that got extracted from her turned out non presence of such disease to the amazement of her

Oncologist; he even demonstrated how the Pathologist dissected well the big lump. However, they found an invasive disease in the limpnode going to her armpit. I instructed my daughter to apply the Renu 28 up to her armpit and drink more ASEA. After 2 weeks she had an operation again to remove said invasive disease, then when her
Oncologist met with us afterwards, he was puzzled that the target limpnode with invasive disease turned out no disease but a very microscopic one that he said cannot even be considered as one to be alarm of. I just smiled because I was expecting such result, I Praised God, He heard my prayers, and thanked Him for this new science Redox Molecules, He bestowed to propagate His Blessings to mankind. He made our body to have the ability to heal itself; it just needs Strong Signals to the cells to remember how they works when we were young.

My daughter said pain after operation was tolerable; thus, she was up and about around her house, she didn’t even take the prescribed medications.
I myself is a 4th stage survivor of such disease that struck my pancreas, that metastasis to my liver, large intestine, lungs and limpnodes on my neck (couldn’t moved my neck at all and pain was all over my body)

I used nothing but ASEA in large amount-a bottle a day. (Renu 28 was not around yet that time but I now added it to my regiment) to induce my cell to heal itself. I was tested on CEA, C29, and C9; I was told that no matter how they enhanced it, results always dropped. I clearly remember my Oncologist asked me “Tell me, honestly tell me, what did you do?” I just handed her my card, she said she will research on it at once, she went to her office and closed the door, I was left to her assistant who finished the protocols of my visit. I knew she’d contacted the medical group of ASEA; speaking in Medical Authorities Lingo.”

I am still being tested yearly though.


(Pictured Above)

“This is Stein-Erik Finholts before and after pictures of his fingers – less than 3 months apart. Stein-Erik works as a chief in a restaurant.

His problems started in 2001. The first he started to experiece was numbness in fingertips and the skin started to get harder and thicker. His fine-movement and feeling became less and less. It was a long process, many doctors and bloodsampkes until he got 2 diagnoses. This skin problem is often connectet to a thyroid problem.
Several years with exctrene pain and many tears, lots of creams, medications, having to stay home from work etc.. He has been throug everything that can be tried the last 16 years – nothing helped. It just got worse and worse.

May 2017 s new chapter in his life startet. He had given up all hope, he could not even type a word on the keyboard on his computer, that’s how bad it was….. His brother had heard about ASEA and Asked him to try……
Less than 3 months with ASEA (normal dozes) and Renu 28 he has no more pain and has no more cracks – the skin is soft!!! First time in 16 years.

He gets very emotional when talking about the fact that he has no more pain!! His energy is also better and so is his sleep. He has no negative Experiences!
(I agreed with Stein-Erik, in Norway,to share this with you .)”

ASEA Redox Cell signaling Water

“I am from Australia and have had huge changes in my health since using the redox products. So thought I would take the time to share with you my Testimonial Regarding Abnormal Cells in The Colon:
In June 2015 I received the devastating diagnosis that I had a large lesion in my ascending colon. On further investigation it was revealed that the cells contained within that lesion were abnormal and as well another relatively small lesion was found in the transverse colon. With these findings and the aggressive nature of the abnormal cells, the decision was made to operate immediately removing the lesions along with two thirds of the colon.
Following this lifesaving surgery, it was recommended that I have six months of conventional therapy whereby I was injected fortnightly with a cocktail of very toxic substances via a port device in my chest. The after effects of this therapy resulted in fatigue, lowered immunity, numbness in fingers and toes.
In May 2016, eleven months after recovering from this very intense ordeal, I was introduced to a redox supplement. I began taking the redox supplement on a maintenance dose and using the redox topical gel. Within a short few months I doubled the dosage. With my regular follow ups of blood work and specialist appointments, there was considerable improvement in my blood markers. I know that from the time I began taking the redox supplement and using the redox topical gel, the numbness issues with both fingers and toes altered. As time has gone on these numbness issues in the fingers are resolved and the toes almost there.
Just recently in August 2017 I had my latest blood work and full body scans to review my status. In the week following, I attended an appointment for my two-year review with my oncologist, a contained man of very few words. I was surprised to see him in a rather happy and uplifted state.
As the appointment started he asked me how I was doing. I told him I was very well and back to normal; working on full capacity, sleeping well and no issues with fatigue. Numbness in my fingers was completely resolved and currently I have a small amount of numbness on the two longest toes. This he indicated was better than he anticipated and as he said a small price to pay considering the situation I was faced with. I believe this too will resolve itself.
He asked me if I wanted the results. He looked at me and said that my scans were normal, nothing complicated. The best news to get. My current blood work results were brilliant! To my surprise he went on to comment that with these continued improved blood results that he has witnessed over the last fifteen months he does not expect me to experience abnormal cells again in my lifetime. He will continue to see me every six months as usual protocol. He has given me permission to have the port device removed from my chest six months earlier than is recommended. He believes that if I continue on this trajectory, in a few short years’ time he will be sitting opposite me saying to me that my blood work ‘is out of this world.’
Right now I look and feel the best I have felt in years. I would say better than I did before I was severely compromised with my health. The future is full of promise. At this time, I am preparing to take a long haul overseas flight to Salt Lake City in the US to meet with the founders to whom I will be eternally grateful. I am looking forward to this big adventure with my new lease on life. There is much in my life to be grateful for and I am confident that I will continue to go from strength to strength. I will not go a day without the redox topical gel and redox supplement which have kept my body in optimal condition and enabled my cells to communicate vital healing and wellness messages. Many thanks go to the founders of the redox products for bringing me back to full and complete health.”

renu 28 – burn testimonial

I seriously burned myself with boiling hot tea. Immediately when the kettle boiled, I poured it and walked 6 steps to the lounge, misjudged as I sat down and the entire cup emptied onto my thigh. Just herbal tea, no milk to cool it at all.
I put my leg under a cold shower but in no time the absolute extreme discomfort and adrenaline kicked in, and I started to feel the reality of how bad it was and the intensity really hit me. I thought, I think I need to go to Hospital.
As happens in a lot of emergency situations, a calmness yet haste kicked in. A light bulb moment ! I knew I had something that I thought could do, what cold water could not. I began applying Renew 28 and alternatively spraying Asea all over the affected area. I also drank 6 oz. of Asea.

this incredible testimonial of a woman who used renu 28 for her burns. These are amazing side effects of renu 28
I did not want any other treatment I just wanted this so there was no way I was going to hospital, as much as I was initially freaking out, I was now sure of what I was going to do.
I’d heard and seen testimonials of others using this on burns and I understood the science.
I continually slathered the gel all over my thigh and spraying it alternatively, bracing myself to look in the mirror to do so. I realised what a job I’d done on myself, it looked and felt horrendous. I wondered would this always show such a terrible mark on my leg ?
Waiting for relief, although it was so extremely uncomfortable I had faith the molecules were doing their work.
In about half an hour it was changing. The edges had come in making the affected area smaller, it was more defined, not just a big blotchy red area, but now a smaller defined area. The centre section was forming blisters. The feeling of it now came in waves and was beginning to lessen. I just kept applying the molecules, it suddenly occurred to me I had been able to touch the area the entire time, as bad as it was. Amazing.
Within about an hour and a half the extreme intense discomfort subsided and since that time the burn has not radiated heat. I’ve had many sunburns give off more heat, and for days, way more than this serious burn did.
It changed so much in the first hours and every day too. Sometimes the change in an 8-12 hour period was astonishing.
Friends came to see me the next day, one recoiled in horror. I asked my friend Robyn, who first told me about Asea, How could I ever not have this in my house ever again ? I felt so much gratitude to have this on hand in an emergency.
All week people were amazed at how shocking it looked, yet astonished that I was not in any discomfort.
I really took care not to bump or burst the blisters, they went after 5 days. One week later the skin peeled off thickly with no discomfort.
From when I burned myself on Friday June 2nd, until Saturday June 10th, I used nothing but Renu 28 gel and Asea, drinking and spraying it. That’s pretty mind blowing to me.
Exactly 2 weeks later, I went back to my favourite thing to do, Hot Yoga, with no restriction of movement or affects from the high temperature of the class. There’s barely a mark on my leg to show.