Whole Food & Micronutrient Complex


Whole Food & Micro-nutrient Complex

While it’s true that you can mimic a natural vitamin’s chemical makeup and put it into a supplement, your body won’t recognize it—or more importantly, assimilate it—the same way it does whole-food sources of nutrition.

ASEA® VIA™ Source isn’t just chemical compounds that check the right nutrient boxes. It’s made from the whole foods that naturally supply those nutrients.

In much the same way that a plant converts nutrients from soil into an edible form, the vitamins and minerals in VIA Source come from a plant-based glycoprotein ferment. This process creates a protein matrix—a stable food form that the body recognizes.

  • Supports cellular health, general nutrition, and wellness throughout the body.
  • Aids in the assimilation of nutrients with the proprietary BioVIA™ Source Complex.
  • Provides nutrient building blocks to work with ASEA REDOX.

ASEA VIA Source is a proprietary blend of meticulously sourced whole foods, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, organic superfoods, trace minerals, and enzymes and features ASEA’s proprietary BioVIA™ Source Complex, which delivers the necessary components to ensure maximum bioavailability

BioVIA Source Complex

ASEA VIA Source contains BioVIA Source Complex, a unique blend of enzymes specifically formulated into a proprietary complex shown to optimize nutrient absorption.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


ASEA VIA Source is expertly formed. Not only with a comprehensive assortment of vitamins and minerals your body lacks. But with nutrient co-factors that enhance bio availability. This is done using five methods.

Glycoprotein Ferment Matrix

To assure that the nutrients in ASEA VIA Source are from a whole-food source, we use a nutritional yeast grown in a techno-scientific environment high in vitamins and minerals. Like a plant using nutrients from the soil as it forms fruits and vegetables, the yeast takes up these nutrients as it grows. It creates a glycoprotein matrix that contains the vitamins and minerals in a form the body recognizes. The yeast is then deactivated in a unique process, leaving only bio-available, easy to digest vitamins and minerals.

Meticulous Sourcing

ASEA Global is committed to selecting the most readily absorb-able form of every nutrient in VIA Source. This can be observed in the decision to use calcium and magnesium from a bio-available. Natural red-algae extract and the option of including whole super-foods from throughout the world. To give our product its individual profile of whole certified organic super foods not located in most western diets.

B Complex Vitamins

Extracts of guava, holy basil, and lemon, known to be high in B vitamins, are utilized in a natural ferment removal process to obtain the B-complex vitamins in VIA Source. These essential blends of nutrients are the cornerstone of VIA Source. They give the building blocks of general nutrition and healthy cells.

Super foods

Super foods are the most nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, & plants from around the world. Each of the certified organic super-foods in VIA Source was chosen for its arrangement of concentrated phytonutrients. The super-foods in VIA Source are naturally high in flavonoids and proanthocyanidins to help defend the body from oxidative stress, indole-3-carbinol to promote a healthy immune response, and carotenoids to sustain a healthy cardiovascular system.

BioVIA™ Source Complex

To further assist in the absorption of nutrients, VIA Source contains a unique blend of added enzymes to support the body get the most out of every nutrient.