How to Use Renu 28


Congratulations on choosing Renu 28 and bringing the healing power of redox molecules into your life.


Take a before photo of any skin issues (loose skin, scars, wrinkles, sun damage, blemishes, stretch marks or any other skin issues). Pictures say a thousand words. We often don’t notice the daily small changes; over time they become big changes. The before and after photo are important for you to see the value and will help you share the benefits.
To be objective, give a rating out of 10 of any aches, pain or discomfort out of 10 of any areas you want to see a benefit in. Track your changes weekly.

how to use renu 28USING RENU 28

1. Always shake the tube before every use.
2. Apply on clean, dry skin at least twice a day. You can apply more often for increased benefits. You cannot use too much Renu 28!

3. Apply enough gel that it takes 30-60 seconds to rub in and dry on the affected area.

You can still apply your moisturizer or makeup after giving Renu 28 a couple of minutes to dry.
Everyone is different…use Renu 28 daily for at least 3 months to allow your body to experience results.

You can use Renu 28 on any skin problem anywhere on the body – remember this product is 100% non-toxic and has anti-bacterial, viral, fundal and microbial properties, yet increases cellular efficiency and function. It literally helps the cells function as though they are younger.
Use it on sore muscle, aches, pains & more…see what happens for yourself.
Or, try it on muscles immediately after exercise – you may experience faster recovery and less muscle soreness.

For more ideas check out 50 Ways to Use Renu 28 below.



Temporary dryness: some people notice a temporary dryness that can last a couple of days to a couple of weeks as the cells rebalance. Dermatest study showed 11% improvement in hydration after 28 days

Detoxification: Some people may experience a detox through the skin as toxins and waste are flushed out of the cells. With the skin the body’s largest organ, it can detoxify the effects of environmental pollution, poor diets, and other skin care products. If you experience any rash, irritation, pimples of flaking skin:

• Drink plenty of water to flush toxins
• Continue using Renu 28 as the redox will support the detoxification process
• Try using exfoliant or clay mask once or twice weekly if you are experiencing rapid renewal of skin cells.

Storing your Renu 28

While RENU 28 is stable, we do not recommend leaving it on a car in the hot sun! In the bathroom, your office and handbag is great


At peak efficiency skin cells ‘Renu’ themselves every 28 days. This can lengthen to up to 90 days with age. You might need to go through several renewal cycles before you see visible results.
Some people see and feel results quickly; for others it can take several months. Give it a good trial, 3-4 months, more for problem areas. It has proven truly extraordinary for many, many people.

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ASEA discovered a revolutionary technology that replicates the body’s own redox signaling molecules, which protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels.
That means with RENU 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel, you can apply active redox signaling molecules directly onto your skin and improve your skin at the cellular level, revitalizing your skin’s health—not just its appearance.

The list below highlights 50 of the many ways RENU 28 can benefit your skin.

1. Reduce the appearance of wrinkles in wrinkle- prone areas such as on the face, neck, chest, and hands
2. Soothe skin irritation from the effects of the sun
3. Improve the elasticity of skin
4. Decrease redness in skin
5. Reduce the appearance of cellulite on legs
and tummy
6. Soothe itchy or dry scalp
7. Clarify skin all over body
8. Minimize the appearance of dark spots
9. Normalize oily skin
10. Soothe feet after long workouts or time
spent in tennis shoes
11. Tighten skin to give the feeling of having a
12. Soothe skin irritated by plants
13. Use as a whole-body skin moisturizer
14. Tighten the skin around the eyes
15. Smooth rough skin anywhere on the body
16. Smooth and reduce calluses on the heels
and hands
17. Soothe and moisturize cracks in the heels
18. Improve blotchy skin
19. Soothe itchy skin anywhere on the body
20. Help areas prone to sun stress: nose,
scalp, and tops of ears
21. Reduce heat and pain in sore muscles due
to overexertion
22. Moisturize unhealthy, split, or drying skin
between the toes
23. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
24. Soothe diaper irritation
25. Spot-treat blemishes
26. Soothe skin after shaving
27. Moisturize cuticles
28. Soothe dancers’ feet after dancing
barefoot or wearing pointe shoes 29. Soothe the skin on the hands after
working long hours, wearing gloves
30. Smooth and moisturize chapped lips after
weather exposure
31. Soothe fragile, aged skin
32. Tighten loose skin during weight loss 33. Smooth wrinkled skin on the upper arms 34. Rejuvenate skin after swimming
35. Reduce appearance of age spots
36. Soothe skin after waxing
37. Apply to dry winter skin to soothe and
38. Use while traveling/on planes to maintain
healthy skin
39. Soothe skin on runners’ feet
40. Improve and even out the tone of skin 41. Smooth dry, rough elbows and knees 42. Reduce blemishes and dryness common
on upper arms
43. Soothe chafing due to strenuous exercise 44. Soothe babies’ skin
45. Smooth calloused fingers of guitar
46. Revitalize skin after hand-washing and/or
47. Reduce appearance of crows feet and
laugh lines
48. Soothe skin irritated by eyebrow
49. Improve post-partum skin elasticity 

50. Reduce appearance of freckles.