Renu 28 Customer Review!

Renu 28 Customer ReviewRenu 28 Customer Review! Renu 28 Review:

My husband introduced me to Renu28 a couple of years ago and I wasn’t too sure what to think. I’m not really that much of a researcher, and he was explaining the studies about the science around it and the product itself and it seemed pretty confusing. He wasn’t sure about how good the scientific studies were regarding the main product, Asea (pronounced A-see-a), but was intrigued regarding the science it is based off of. He showed me  various medical publications regarding  this science which is called Redox Biology or Redox Signaling.  I learned that it was being studied in nearly every known disease, condition or disorder known: cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, nerve problems, exercise, inflammation, MS etc etc. It has to do with oxidative stress, inflammation, and cell communication so that our cells in our bodies can heal faster. He understood more than I did, but said it was a bit over his head too.

Again, the answer was kind of too good to be true. He was telling me to put it pretty much anywhere I had any sort of cut, burn, wrinkle, sting, bite, unwanted wrinkle/mole, sore muscle, etc. Sounded like the Windex from that Greek Wedding Movie.
He kept saying that it is not a treatment or a cure for anything but rather helps your body/skin perform optimally so that you can quickly heal but it helps other things that you may be doing that are healthy and even medicines work better on you. The way he made it sound, I likened Asea to the basics like: sunshine, the sea or air.  I trust my husband completely, so I did what he said, even though I was quite skeptical to say the least.

The first thing I didn’t like is that I now had ANOTHER thing to put on my face. I don’t really have any evident skin issues and like most women, I already have a set regiment. So adding something to it, kind of bugged me. Plus my husband really didn’t use skin products and I didn’t really know what to think about being his guinea pig. The other thing is that each of these bottles is $35.00 plus a lot for shipping and handling. At the time, you could only buy 2 as a minimum order and when all was said and done, it was nearly 100 bucks! This is all for an 2 unimpressive plastic tubes which only listed 4 ingredients and the main 2 were SALT and WATER. To top it off, it is only sold through MLM. . This just screams scam…Like I said, I do trust my husband, so I tried it just because I wanted to see what it did.

Next Negative Impression: I opened the tube, and a bunch of gelatinous, runny liquid came out into my hand. It didn’t seem like too good of a gel and I had no idea of how much to put on my face. I put about a quarter size and rubbed it in. Then waited. I admit it felt refreshing, and clean and had no odor. I began to notice a slight tightening around my neck, cheeks and eyes. I liked how it felt but after a while, I wasn’t too comfortable with the tight/dry feeling around my eyes, so I put a little moisturizer. Was I allowed to use moisturizer?! I had so many questions.

I used the bottle for about 2 weeks when I began to notice that my oily/dry skin was starting to even out and the area around my eyes wasn’t as dry after I used it. Interesting… I still like putting on the moisturizer though. I was a bit angry that the bottle seemed to run out so quickly cause it was supposed to last a month. We even cut the end of the bottle so that we could get more out of it. i did figure out that I needed to shake the bottle gently before I applied it, and it came out in a nice get without any water. I still didn’t see any noticeable differences in my wrinkles but I have to admit that I liked the feeling of “clean” that I hadn’t felt after my usual morning routine.

Eventually my husband discovered a “how to video” for Renu that explained that I was using way to much and only needed a dime size to cover my face and explained that i could experience momentary “detox” from using the product. Thank goodness that I didn’t experience that cause I would have stopped immediately. This info would have been nice to have at the beginning.

“The “Miracle…”

The first noticeable and nearly miraculous change I experienced, was with a mole on my back. This mole had been there for a few years and I was pretty sure this fancy gel wasn’t going to make it disappear, but I swear to you after about two weeks of using Renu28 on it twice a day (covered by a bandage), the mole completely fell off and was gone forever. Ok – so at this point I want to know, “what else can I use this on?”. Even though my husband wasn’t exactly sure about how good all the studies were; he was convinced that it was safe.

“Family Miracle Windex” Renu 28 Review

Since this mole-defining moment, Renu 28 has become a staple in our household. It is our go-to product anytime one of our kids falls off their bikes and scrapes their knees (it is wonderful on wounds/itching and provides immediate relief)  or if our youngest has a diaper irritation.   My husband brushes his teeth with it, its soothes bug bites, or bite marks (we are working on that with our oldest). I have used it anywhere from on my forehead for sleep-deprived induced headaches to my nipples for breastfeeding trauma (I did not know this was a thing until I birthed my first daughter). Regardless of the issue, Renu28 provides a calming/cooling sensation and ultimately provides faster relief  for many types of issues. I am unsure to whether my wrinkles have gotten any better but I do know that people have been complimenting me on my skin more than before.

I am no expert in the science behind all of this, but all I do know is that it works! Recently, I started using the whole Renu Advanced skin care system and couldn’t be more pleased. It is an all in one skincare regiment so I was able to stop using all of my other products. They supposedly work to enhance the absorption of the Redox molecules.

The main product of this system is the Renu 28 as part of your daily skincare routine. The cleanser is very mild and has a gentle fragrance, and the moisturizer at the end leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. It’s in the middle here where you apply the Renu28 all over your face and the Renu serum as spot-treatment for any ‘trouble areas’ because it has like 5-10x more concentration of the redox molecules. I was sold on it when I rubbed it on the back of my hand when I first got it and it felt so smooth for hours afterwards.

Probably the best part about these products is that it is 100% native to our bodies. I don’t have to worry if my 1 year old starts eating from the tube or some of it gets in his eye. There are no harmful ingredients added to Renu28 and even though we aren’t hippies, its still nice to have a product that seems to be as green as can be. My main issue with the product is the price. I wish it were cheaper so that more people would want to try it for 3-4 months. The only way to get it cheaper is to buy it in bulk. This is my 

Renu 28 Review

-Stephanie Lange