It’s not another face cream. It’s 90 mL of skin-priming, age-fighting, cellular-rejuvenating gel for your whole body. Don’t settle for the beauty routines of yesterday. Transform your skin from within, with RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel. Skin care upgrade complete.

What is RENU 28 used for? RENU 28 USE FAQ

RENU 28 promotes skin's natural resilience and strength by providing native Redox Signaling molecules. This is a safe, simple and effective way to achieve true skin health.

What is the science behind RENU 28?

Researchers have studied the science behind RENU 28, for more than two decades. This unique gel, which uses patented Redox Signaling technology to support the essential cellular mechanisms that form the basis of your skin's structure. RENU 28 is essential for optimal support of the largest organ in the body, the skin.

Is RENU 28 edible?

No, RENU 28 is a topical product only and is not formulated to be consumed. RENU 28 USE FAQ

Can I use RENU 28 on my children/baby?

RENU 28 contains no synthetic fragrance, pore-blocking chemicals, synthetic colors, animal components, parabens, or other potential irritants. Your general practitioner should be consulted if your child has any skin conditions or allergies.

Is RENU 28 non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging)?

Yes. RENU 28 is non-comedogenic, preservative and parabens free and hypoallergenic, providing a simple, natural approach to true skin health.

When will I begin to see results with RENU 28?

Each user's results may vary. Some users notice results in days while others see them over several months. For optimal results, we recommend that you continue to use RENU 28.

Is RENU 28 good for all skin types or ethnicities? (Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, etc.)

Yes, RENU 28 is appropriate for all skin types and contains redox molecules, a key component to cellular health for everyone. .

I don't have any wrinkles. Can my skin still benefit from RENU 28?

RENU 28 is suitable for all skin types and ages. RENU 28 is clinically proven to deliver significant positive results, whether you're looking for smoother skin, wrinkle relief, more even skin tone, or an anti-aging product.

Is this product safe to use while pregnant/nursing?

RENU 28 has been proven safe and effective. However, pregnant or nursing moms should consult a doctor if they have additional questions or concerns.

Does RENU 28 contain parabens?

No, RENU 28 is paraben-free.

RENU 28 USE FAQ, How should RENU 28 be stored?

Store RENU 28 should at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

How often can I apply RENU 28?

You can apply RENU 28 as often as desired; we recommend that RENU 28 be applied at least twice daily.

Can RENU 28 stand extreme temperatures?

Due to the RENU ingredients, it should be kept at room temperature. It should not be exposed to high heat. You can thaw it and use it if you freeze it for a few minutes, but not microwave. Before using, shake the product well. RENU tubes are specific to the product and heat can reduce the shelf life.

What are the active ingredients in RENU 28?

Unlike most of today's skin care products; RENU 28 only contains four ingredients, water, sodium magnesium silicate, disodium phosphate, and sodium chloride.

What makes RENU 28 unique?

RENU 28 is a patent-protected, simple, and natural way to improve skin health. It provides the skin with native Redox Signaling chemicals. These molecules are essential for the health of skin cells as well as fundamental processes like cellular communication. These molecules are unique to skin products and address skin health in a natural and unique way.

If I get RENU 28 in my eyes – how should I treat this?

It is recommended that you flush your eyes with water. RENU 28 is free from any inflammatory or harsh ingredients. However, you should consult a doctor if you have any concerns.

Is RENU 28 safe, and has it been tested for allergic reactions?

Yes. The product was tested twice: once in 72 hours and once in 28 days. Dermatest, one the most renowned dermatological research institutes worldwide, awarded RENU28 its 5-star clinically-tested seal.

Is RENU 28 fragrance free and dye free?

RENU 28 is completely artificial fragrance and dye free.

Does RENU 28 have a money back gaurantee?

ASEA offers a 30-day guarantee on all products. Contact ASEA Associate Support for more information and questions about the guarantee.

Does RENU 28 have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF)? Will it protect my skin from the sun?

RENU 28 isn't formulated with sun protection and does not contain any SPF ingredients. However, it will help your skin recover from sunburns.

Has RENU 28 been tested on animals?

No. RENU 28 was never tested on animals. All clinical testing was done on human subjects by licensed doctors in certified facilities.

Is RENU 28 suitable for skin blemishes?

Yes, RENU 28 is a true skin health product and has been shown to improve multiple types of skin blemishes on all age of users.

What is the shelf life of RENU 28?

The shelf life of RENU 28 is 12 months from the date of manufacture. RENU 28 USE FAQ

Is RENU 28 meant for the face only?

Is RENU 28 meant for the face only? No, it can be used on any part of the skin.

RENU 28 USE FAQ. Can I use RENU 28 with other skincare products?

Yes. It should not have any effect on effectiveness. RENU 28 should be used before any lotions, moisturizers and muscle balms. You may wish to test the mixture in a small area if you are concerned.

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