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Where Does ASEA Water Come From?

It might surprise you to learn that the water used in ASEA is collected from one location: Pleasant Grove, Utah. The production facility goes through 24,000 gallons of water a week to create 12,000 gallons of the ASEA Redox Supplement. Crazy to think about, right?

If you’re interested, you can hike up to Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove to get a peek at ASEA’s water source. The trailhead is near Kiwanis Park, and as you approach it, you can hear the roaring falls from half a mile away as they rush over the 40-foot drop into the riverbed below. The view of the valley from the falls is breathtaking. If you make your way down to walk along the misty riverbed, you can watch the water flow down to a dam, and from there, it empties into the Battle Creek Debris Basin Reservoir.

If you’re planning on attending the Convention here in Utah during May, definitely consider making time to see Battle Creek Falls up close. The hike is not a difficult one — it’s great for families and all hiking skill levels.

In addition, production tours at the facility are fun and informative. You’ll get a closer look at how ASEA products are made, including our unique ingestible redox signalling supplements. Visit the Velocity registration page to sign up for a production tour. Spots are limited and the tours are one of our popular events, so reserve your space now!

From the start, ASEA has understood that local resources were essential for making a quality product. Every week, 24,000 gallons of Battle Creek Falls water travels to ASEA’s production facility to be restructured as 12,000 gallons of the ASEA Redox Supplement. From those 12,000 gallons comes 9,000 tubes of RENU 28, and about 10,500 cases of our bottled drinkable supplement. And thanks to our worldwide distribution, people all around the globe are able to improve their health by strengthening their bodies’ most basic building blocks: the cells. If you want to Buy ASEA click the link.